Undying Gratefulness

I have tried for so long to find the words to express my undying great fullness for Jill. It’s hard to tell my story for fear of judgment…or rejection as a mother. I knew from the moment I found out I was pregnant that I did not want a traditional birth. I wanted to plan a cesarean and a tubal ligation immediately following. Jill made sure to spend weeks informing me and educating me about every different avenue of child birth and child care. In the end I gave birth though cesarean on December 19th 2014 to an 8lb gorgeous boy named Mox. I had a tubal ligation following the cesarean procedure. My birth went exactly the way I planned it and went off without a hitch. We all see this monumental moment differently. Without Jill’s help I would not have felt as loved about my decision. I would not have enjoyed my birth story.