Keeping Me Grounded

I hired Jill around 3 months of pregnancy. She replied immediately and was so reassuring during our initial consultation via phone. It felt like I was talking to an older sister and I knew she would become a vital role during my pregnancy. My first pregnancy was extremely difficult and the labor and delivery didn’t go as planned. My second pregnancy ended in miscarriage. I was anxious, nervous and excited all wrapped up in one package and Jill was able to keep me focused throughout the pregnancy. I ended up being almost two weeks past our due date and Jill checked in every day, sometimes multiple times a day. She helped us when we were going through prodromal labor, gave advice and recommendations on what to do to possibly help move things along and was overall, a positive light while I was really miserable at almost 42 weeks pregnant. I ended up being induced and that was one of my biggest fears as my first labor and delivery was also induced and was a less than great experience. Jill helped my husband and I through a really intense, extremely quick labor that was pitocin induced and completely un-medicated. I absolutely love my second labor and delivery experience and I believe Jill played a vital role keeping me grounded and delivering a second boy into our family. I would absolutely recommend Jill in a heartbeat.