An Angel for Us

I truly feel a higher power sent an angel to us in the form of Jill. After some unfortunate events with the first draft of our birth plan we were in search of help and we, thankfully, stumbled upon Doula Baby! via google search. Jill was unbelievably quick to respond and schedule a time to meet to see how she could help us. I have never met a more compassionate and caring person. Jill listened to all of our concerns and answered as many questions as she could; if she couldn’t answer a question she called upon her many, knowledgable resources in the Castle Rock and surrounding areas. Even though our birth experience had its own crazy agenda and Jill was unable to attend our birth, she was still there providing us with invaluable knowledge and support. If you are thinking about having doula support, Jill is hands down someone you want to meet and include in your birth plan you will be so glad you did.