Providing Support from Pregnancy to Postpartum

Labor & Delivery Doula

As your labor and delivery doula, I will provide nurturing support from pregnancy through postpartum to help you achieve the childbirth experience you dream of.

Labor & Delivery Doula + Childbirth Education

In addition to labor & delivery doula services, I offer childbirth education courses to help expecting mothers and their partners be prepared for the childbirth experience.

Placenta Encapsulation

I am proud to partner Misty Rauscher with Denver Devine Doula to offer placenta encapsulation services.

“Jill will support and advocate for you but doesn’t overstep with the medical staff. She can help you explore and understand all your options while helping you make the best decisions for you and the birth experience you want. “

“Jill is a wonderful doula with a calm caring nature that can help you through any situation you are likely to encounter. She was there for us throughout the entire process, from developing a birth plan, to delivering our son, and even afterward when she visited us at home to check-in.

Let’s create a unique birth experience together