Lots of Encouragement

My husband and I had a wonderful experience working with Jill. We contacted Jill when we were about 33 weeks pregnant with our first child. We attended a birth class and both agreed that having a doula with us would hopefully reduce anxiety and stress and make the overall labor and delivery experience run a little more smoothly…. we were right! After meeting Jill, we both agreed that she had the demeanor and experience we were looking for in a doula. Leading up to our daughter’s birth, Jill regularly checked in and gave us suggestions on how to make the pregnancy a little more enjoyable. Baby didn’t arrive until almost two weeks post due date, and Jill listened to all of my venting, questions and complaining as I become more and more uncomfortable. In the hospital, Jill was available, ready and supportive. She helped by suggesting new positions, massage, aromatherapy, etc while trying to manage the contraction pain. When our labor didn’t go as planned (because it never does), Jill helped us talk through options and figure out what we wanted moving forward. Jill stayed with us throughout the labor and delivery (a long 40 hrs!), gave lots of encouragement as I pushed for 6 hours!, took photos after baby’s birth, and came to see us a few weeks after delivery. The post- birth debrief on the baby’s labor was suprisingly wonderful for my own processing of such a big event! Overall we loved the experience and will be using Jill whenever we have baby number 2! THANK YOU JILL!!