Unplanned C-Section

We were so grateful for Jill throughout our pregnancy. My husband and I started our doula search because hoping for some extra support because our parents live out of state and we felt a bit clueless! Jill was so helpful during our pregnancy and was always there to answer any questions or offer encouragement. She checked in after every appointment and was always so positive. Toward the end of our pregnancy, we were faced with some really tough choices and Jill was there to talk through our options for as long as we needed her. When I knew my birth wasn’t going to look like I’d planned, (baby was frank breech and had decided he was NOT going to budge, despite trying the many, many amazing suggestions from Jill) she helped me come to peace with it and even connected me to another client who had a similar situation to help me see it in a positive light. In the end, she told us, we wanted a safe delivery with a healthy baby. Even though we ended up having a scheduled c section, Jill was there every step of the way. She met us at the hospital and helped keep me calm before surgery. After I left our room to get prepped, she stayed with my husband and helped calm him down until he could join me. (I think he was more nervous than I was.) Having a baby during COVID and discovering I would need a C section a week before delivery was not the way I had envisioned our experience, but Jill helped us to truly make the very best of it. We were both SO grateful for her and her positive, gracious presence. After burth, Jill kept in contact and wanted to know all about how we were doing as a new family. A few weeks after birth, Jill came over to meet our little one and it felt like connecting up with a good friend. She truly cares about her clients and is very knowledgeable, but even more importantly full of grace and positive light. Thank you for everything, Jill!