A Trusted Partner

My husband and I are first-time parents and we are so grateful we found Jill! We interviewed seven other doulas before we met Jill and as soon as we spoke with her we knew she was the one! She is so positive, which is what drew us to her in the first place. And her support does not begin or end with labor and delivery. She always remembered to check in to see how our prenatal appointments went. Anytime we ran into any medical issues or had to make certain decisions, she was there to talk through it with us and give us some perspective. If she wasn’t sure about something from a medical perspective, she has people she can reach out to to give us a second informal opinion. She is so well-connected…she has so many amazing resources for both prenatal and postnatal support. She is very responsive and plugged in, so if you need her for something, she is really good about making herself available. Overall we just felt like Jill helped us navigate the experience of being first-time parents…something we definitely needed. We had a partner in Jill and we felt like she gave us that extra support throughout our entire pregnancy! We are just so grateful we found her and that we were able to share this experience with her. Jill has a friend in us for life!