The Perfect Fit

From the moment I spoke with Jill on the phone for our initial meeting, I knew she was going to be a perfect fit for our family. As we were going over my history, what I was looking for in a Doula and my birth goals it was like she had known me for a long time. It was like talking with a friend. Her prenatal care was wonderful and very helpful for us. When my water broke I knew there was no reason to worry or be scared. Jill was amazing at coaching me through contractions and helping my husband and I decide what we needed to do next. I will never forget the love and care I felt from Jill through the entire process but especially during and after labor. My husband has said many times how Jill helped him remain calm as well as helped him through everything else. We both believe that Jill played a huge part in the success of my VBAC and we are forever grateful to her for that. We won’t birth again without her!