I can not even begin to express how grateful we are for the opportunity to work with Jill! I was pregnant for the first time and felt very overwhelmed by the entire process. I started looking for doula’s because I knew I needed support, but I did not even know where to start. I truly believe Jill was a God-send and God brought us to her. She was responsive, available, and very communicative. She always made me feel comfortable asking about anything and everything from what to expect to suggestions for pediatricians. She provided me with resources and knowledge through the entire process. There are times I would come home from a doctor’s appointment feeling confused or unsure and it was so helpful getting her perspective and thoughts. She was also an invaluable support to my husband who was also very nervous as a first time dad. When I went into labor, I texted Jill and later on Jill was the first person that my husband called to get her thoughts on when we might want to go to the hospital. She always listened and wanted to know what was important to us in the process. She was an advocate for me at the hospital when I had no idea what was going on. Since my husband does not do well in hospitals, she was able to step in and hold my hand through the entire process. 

I was honestly a bit unsure at first if I needed and/or wanted a doula. I was planning to have a hospital birth and I wasn’t sure if a doula would be important. I could not have been more wrong and I am beyond grateful that we found Jill to support us through this process. Saying she was amazing is an understatement!! She will always be a part of our story and we feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her. If we have a second child, she will be the first person we call to try and get on her schedule! 

April 30, 2022