My husband and I are so grateful to have found Jill on our journey of becoming first time parents. She is a wealth of information, resources, and support. Her passion and experience put us at ease and made my pregnancy much more enjoyable.

As this was my first pregnancy, I relied on Jill whenever I had questions. She was always happy to answer them tirelessly. Jill’s prenatal visits helped both my husband and I prepare for the big day. She checked in with me after every one of my OB visits to stay up-to-date. Through Jill, we found a fantastic chiropractor that helped me with sciatica and shoulder pain, allowing me to have a pain-free pregnancy. When I got closer to my due date, Jill kept a constant communication and made sure I was prepared to all the things that could happen during labor and delivery.

Jill provided all the support for my husband and I during the labor, working with nurses and doctor. Having her with us, allowed my husband and I to focus on each other and the process. Jill was encouraging and helped me through the labor, navigating options presented to me by the nurses. She explained them to me while allowing me to make the decision. Jill guided me through the pushing phase of labor while I waited for my doctor to arrive. She even took pictures for us to ensure all the magical moments are captured. 

Postpartum, Jill visited us and gave us a meal so we didn’t have to worry about dinner. She checked in and made sure that we are settled into our new role and doing ok. When we mentioned challenges with breastfeeding, Jill referred us to lactation consultant and pediatric dentist. Both resources are incredibily valuable to us new parents navigating taking care of our baby.

We are so lucky to have found Jill and would recommend her to anyone, she definitely will be one of the first person we call if we have a second baby.

September 11, 2021