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Dedicated to Caring for YouProviding Support from Pregnancy to Postpartum

Unlike medical doctors or midwives, your doula won't deliver your baby or manage the clinical areas of your labor and delivery. A doula is a part of your care team to support you. The role of a doula is to support you and your partner by providing physical, emotional, and informational support from pregnancy through labor and delivery.

Labor and delivery can be most the most beautiful and the scariest moments in your life. Having a team of people around you to support you through the experience helps to reduce the risk of having to deliver via cesarean section having to use medications to control labor, having to use pain medications if you don't want to, being unsatisfied with your birth experience and postpartum depression following delivery

Mothers who use a doula also see a significant increase in situational awareness during their experience. You will have someone who is there solely focused on them, their needs, and dedicated to following their birth plan. If issues arise, your doula is there to help present options, discuss the impact on your birth plan, and help create alternatives that you and your partner are comfortable with based on the recommendations of your medical care team.

Labor & Delivery Doula ServicesProviding Comfort & Care

As your labor and delivery doula, I will provide nurturing support from pregnancy through postpartum to help you achieve the childbirth experience you dream of.

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Labor & Delivery + Childbirth Education Preparing You for Childbirth Experience

In addition to labor & delivery doula services, I offer childbirth education courses to help expecting mothers and their partners be prepared for the childbirth experience.

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Placenta Encapsulation ServicesSpeed Healing and Curb Fatigue

I am proud to partner Misty Rauscher with Denver Devine Doula to offer placenta encapsulation services.

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