Get to Know Me

I have the honor and the opportunity to always be a part of the wonder of women.

My name is Jill Wilkey, CLD, and I'm thrilled that you have considered Doula Baby! as a part of your birth experience. Since 2003, I have assisted in hundreds of births and have had the privilege of witnessing the miracle of life. I have the honor and the opportunity to always be a part of the wonder of women.

I believe in the power of a woman. Women are created with wisdom, strength, and incredible emotional awareness that make them capable of overcoming anything. The childbirth experience is both a tender, emotional experience and a painstaking process, whether you choose to use pain medications or not. Childbirth is the most natural thing that a woman’s body can do. It was made to create, carry, and bear offspring, in the most primitive of terms. Giving birth is an experience that embodies true joy, true emotion, and true love.

It is my duty to provide women and their partners with knowledge, insight, and awareness that allows them to more deeply engage in their birth process, craft an informed birth plan, and make the best, most clear decisions for herself, her baby, and her family.

My philosophy is that the birthing experience belongs to the mother and her partner alone. To be able to enjoy this time, expectant mothers have to understand what is happening to their bodies and be able to react based on this information. It is my desire to educate and support women about the birthing process. As the time comes for labor and delivery, mothers and partners have been empowered to make informed decisions that allow them to have control of their birth experience.

I believe in the unique power that a woman carries to know exactly what is right for her and her body. It is my goal to help partners be more involved so that this experience is comfortable and full of love and support for the laboring mother, instead of her finding it scary and unexpected.

The role of a doula is meant to help both partners by providing steady support throughout the labor and delivery process. I will be there throughout your pregnancy and birth to provide comfort, peace, and assistance during one of the most wonderful moments of your life. I want to help ensure that the birth of your baby is everything that you want it to be.

I have three children of my own. Two boys ages 25, and 20 and a little princess, who is 13. My oldest son is in the Air Force and is married to my wonderful daughter-in-law. They are expecting my 1st grandchild in April 2021. My middle son is a sophomore in college as a Theatre Studies major. My daughter is a 7th grader, virtually learning this year. She is a gymnast. We live in Castle Rock, Colorado, where we enjoy doing all of the wonderful outdoor things Colorado has to offer.